Unit dose medication bin cart


Unit dose medication bin cart is the ideal solution for storage a large volume of medications and optimize your medicine distribution system.

They have the following characteristics:

  • The cart is robust and lightweight, resistant to all chemicals used in hospital settings
  • Large storage space.
  • Great variety of sizes and accessories.
  • Door shutter with lateral opening (do not bend down)
  • Key lock(optional digital lock)
  • Walls/guides adapted to the majority of the trays of the market

Accessories not included.

Indicated for use:





Unit dose medication carts are adapted to a wide range of cassettes, trays, bins, baskets, buckets… You can configure the interior based on the needs of the health centers. They are also compatible with multiple accessories of Convimed carts and are available in different sizes, all this makes them the ideal clinical furniture for nursing homes and hospitals.


  • Top plane on three raised sides ABS/PC
  • Phenolic walls. ABS interior guides.
  • Anodized aluminum profiles.
  • Phenolic base with bumpers.

They have one shutter door with an opening side (no need to bend down), avoiding injuries

Keylock (option of a digital lock).

Unit dose medication cart has 4 wheels and bumpers Ø 125mm, 2 of them with locking.

Optional: directionals, antistatics or specials wheels.

The dimensions of unit dose medication carts vary according to the size of the chosen cart, we attach the measurements of the smallest.

Front and side drawing of a medical cart with its height, width and depth measurements. On the right, a wooden pallet

The packaging process takes place manually and safely. We guarantee the protection of the cart so it reaches its destination in perfect condition, our main objective is to protect your investment.

According to pallets dimensions, there are 2 ways of packaging:

  • European packaging: pallet 1200 x 800 mm

Medical convimed cart during its packaging process on a wooden pallet

  • American packaging: pallet 1200 x 1000 mm

2 medical carts being packed by a box on a wooden pallet

Regarding transport, it is possible to use your own or allow us to take care of everything.


Available sizes

Depending on their size, there are 5 basic models of unit dose medication carts.

1050 x 855 x 545 mm


1150 x 855 x 545 mm


1270 x 855 x 545 mm


1500 x 855 x 545 mm


1850 x 855 x 545 mm


Medicine system transfer cart with different size of bins inside

Medication transfer cart


Compatible bins

Bins intended to transport and organize all kinds of medical supplies.

Available in different sizes, customize your cart (dividers NOT INCLUDED)

Shelf bin S

Capacity of 3 litres

Dimensions: Width: 90 mm Depth: 400 mm Height: 82mm

Shelf bin L

Capacity of 6,1 litres

Dimensions: Width: 186 mm Depth: 400 mm Height: 82 mm

Shelf bin M

Capacity of 5,3 litres

Dimensions: Width: 132 mm Depth: 400 mm Height: 82 mm

Shelf bin XXL

Capacity of 13, 5 litres

Dimensions: Width: 186 mm; Depth 400mm; Height: 181 mm

Compatible trays

We have a wide range of trays with standard dimensions for the bins of your unit dose medication cart.

Material: ABS

Tray included for bins storage

This tray is just included in unit dose medication bin cart

Light gray flat tray with walls 20 millimeters high.

600 x 400 x 20 mm

Capacity of 4,8 liters

Color: light gray

Try + Bin S, M, L and XXL

Other compatible trays

Rectangular cream colored tray, 50 millimeters heigh

600 x 400 x 50 mm

Capacity of 12 Liters

Color: cream

Rectangular tray with 100 millimeters height walls, cream color

600 x 400 x 100 mm

Capacity of 24 Liters

Color: cream

Rectangular cream-colored tray with walls 200 millimeters height

600 x 400 x 200 mm

Capacity of 48 Liters

Color: cream

Accessories included

Unit dose medication bin cart includes the following accessorise.

Two aluminum keys linked by a key ring, one of them inserted in the slot of a universal lock

Key lock

Compatible with extra accessories

Configure your medical workstation with the following removable accesories

 Supported metal frame attached to the side of a medication cart

Glove holder

Extendable worktop

Extendable worktop

Waste container

Waste container

Metal support with a black strap that holds a liquid soap

Soap holder

Gray lever soap dispenser secured with a bracket to a metal tube

Gel dispenser

Lock options

Possibility of adding a digital lock.

Gray digital lock with black buttons

Digital lock

Customizable tray and bin distribution

Possibility of configuration fully personalized for the convenience of healthcare workers. (trays, baskets, bins, sizes…)


20 patients: 5 trays with 20 bins

30 patients: 6 Trays with 18 + 12 bins

42 patients: 7 trays with 42 bins