Treatment cart


Medical treatment cart can improve patient outcomes by having all the supplies for wound care and other needs. Procedure and supply carts facilitate the workof healthcare professionals nursing, geriatrics and nursing assistants .

Provide of:

  • Push handle.
  • Waste container
  • Triple glove holder
  • Utility basket
  • 3 side rails for 3 accessories.

Indicated for use:





Available drawers colors:

Treatment cart is the perfect element to store and transport medical supplies in an organized way in hospital or geriatric centers and this facilitates the healing tasks of nursing, geriatric and auxiliary workers.

This medical supply cart is made of:

  • Anodized aluminum profiles, designed for mounting accessories.
  • Phenolic base.
  • Fibroplast lateral.

ABS drawers with ball bearing rails total extraction,soft-close system and front-label.

This medical equipment has a large storage capacity.

The hospital cure cart has 4 manner swivel wheels Ø 125mm, 2 of them are locking. They are hardness of the tread and have plastic bumpers. Optional: directionals, antistatics or specials wheels in our workstation.

It is easy to handle by one person, and easy to clean because of our new design.

Option to incorporate different accessoriesto the treatment carts and change their configuration: glove holders, shelves, wastebaskets, IV pole with 2 or 4 hooks and more.

Treatment cart has the dimensions indicated in the image and weighs 47 Kilograms (without accessories).

The packaging process is carried out manually, quickly and safely. The priority is to protect the treatment carts and guarantee their integrity. Our team of professionals makes sure to protect your investment.

We have 2 different ways of packaging depending on the dimensions of pallets.

  • European packaging: pallet 1200 x 800 mm

Packaging process of Novimed drawer cart on a pallet

  • American packaging: pallet 1200 x 1000 mm

2 Novimed drawer carts on a pallet during their packaging process

There is coordination with transportation.


Treatment cart accessories

Treatment cart includes the following accessories.

 Metal pusher on the side of a cart for easy handling

Push handle

Metal bar with red hooks

Side rail

 White metal structure for carrying gloves with capacity for three boxes

Triple glove holder

White metal basket with hooks attached to an accessory bar

Utility basket

Plastic waste bin with metal frame that attaches it to an accessory bar on the side of a treatment trolley

Waste container

Capacity of 19 Litres

Lock options

Add one of these locks to your medical cart for greater safety in theconservation of supplies.

 Gray digital lock with black buttons to set security code

Digital lock

Two aluminum keys joined by a key ring, one of them inserted in the slot of a universal lock

Key lock

Compatible with extra accessories

Treatmentcarts are compatible with other accessories.

Can of consumables tied with a black strap to a metal support to be placed on an accessory holder bar

Consumables canister holder

 Large capacity white metal frame with hooks attached to an accessory bar

Novimed metal bin

Infusion stand with 2 hooks

IV pole with 2 hooks

 Infusion stand with 4 hooks


Metal support for standard cylinder

Cylinder support

Customizable drawer layout

Depending on the different drawer configurations , we have 7 basic models ofprocedure carts.

Possibility of fully customization.

Blue dressing trolley with five medium drawers, white labels on the front of each one and accessories on both sides

6-drawer model

2 x 75 mm | 4 x 155 mm

Gray dressing trolley with 3 small drawers, 2 medium drawers and a large drawer with front labels and accessories

6-drawer model

3 x 75 mm | 2 x 155 mm | 1 x 235 mm

Red dressing trolley with 3 small drawers, 2 medium drawers and a large drawer with front labels and accessories

5-drawer model

1 x 75 mm | 3 x 155 mm | 1 x 235 mm

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