Novimed® Telemedicine Cart / Telehealth Cart

The telemedicine carts has been have been designed to combine specialized treatments and videoconferencing. This new tool will allow you to build a mobile telemedicine platform that meets the needs of healthcare professionals and facilitates communication between different units and hospitals.

Product highlights:

  • Computer on aluminum column with VESA support.
  • Batteries integratedin the trolley.
  • Keyboard holder hidden inside the first drawer .
  • Antimicrobial keyboard & mouse.
  • Removable ABS surface, with borders. Smooth and without corners. Resistant to cleaning and disinfection chemicals.
  • Ergonomic side pusher.
  • Removable side table, to enlarge the working area. It hides to optimize space. Maximum load: 3Kg.
  • Drawers with label holders and metal telescopic guides. Available colors: blue, grey and red.
  • Anti-thread swivel wheels of Ø 125 mm, 2 of them with brakes.
  • Bumper rubber in 4 wheels.

Indicated for use:



Novimed® telemedicine carts are a mobile solution for consultations via videoconferencing.

Thanks to our years of experience in manufacturing solutions, we have designed a trolley with a versatile structure, which allows the integration of most standard mobile and computer communications equipment and accessories. The telemedicine or telehealth carts are made of wear, impact and moisture resistant materials. Designed to be lightweight and very easy to move for medical staff. Its size and light weight allows the trolley to be easily moved by one person, even in small spaces.

Technical characteristics of the telemedicine carts:

  • Integrated battery to provide autonomy to the monitor and computer equipped in the cart.
  • Drawers with key lock to store the equipment necessary to take patient measurements (blood oxygen, temperature, blood pressure, pulse…)
  • Monitor with integrated camera for videoconferencing with the specialist through the installed software.
  • Medical software with smart and connected devices to perform the measurements. All measurements will be saved on the server connected to the software for viewing at any time.
  • Keyboard holder hidden inside the first drawer. With USB connection and removable side tray for mouse.
  • Washable antimicrobial keyboard and mouse with IP68 protection
  • The drawers can be configured according to the needs of each center.
  • 5 anti-thread swivel wheels of Ø 125 mm, 2 of them with brakes. Smooth and silent rolling.

The telemedicine carts have the dimensions shown in the picture:

The packaging process is carried out manually, quickly and safely. Its priority is protect the carts and ensure their integrity. Our team of professionals makes sure to protect your investment.

We have 2 different ways of packaging depending on the number of carts.

  • European packaging: pallet 1200 x 800 mm

Packaging process of Novimed drawer cart on a pallet

  • American packaging: pallet 1200 x 1000 mm

2 Novimed drawer carts on a pallet during their packaging process

There is coordination with transportation.


Accessories included in the Telemedicine cart

All accessories are adjustable in height and position


Push handle
(1 unit)



Sliding shelf


Papelera 19L carro telemedicina F-ACC-03S

Drawer label holder


Hidden keyboard and mouse holder - La Pastilla

Hidden keyboard and mouse holder


Porta guantes triple F-ACC-14

Computer / Monitor


Aluminum column and VESA La Pastilla

Aluminum column and VESA


Tubo para pórtico 75 cm F-BACC-11-MINI

Integrated battery


Universal key lock for Telemedicine Carts

Universal key lock (2 keys)


Mouse for telemedicine carts

Antimicrobial mouse


Bandeja para impresora X-BAND-MINI

Antimicrobial keyboard


Computerized system ideal for live video calls

Complete solution for remote diagnostics and consultations that allows medical staff and patients to communicate remotely as if they were physically in the same area.


Product highlights:


  • All In One computer with integrated webcam.
  • Videoconferencing software (these will be stored and accessible for later viewing)
  • Aluminum column with VESA bracket for easy installation of the monitor.
  • Battery system integrated in the trolley.
  • Keyboard holder hidden in the upper drawer with USB connection.
  • Removable mouse holder.
  • Antimicrobial keyboard and mouse with IP68 protection.

Customized drawer configuration

The Novimed® range is characterised by being highly configurable in ISO drawers (600×400 mm) and accessories, according to the needs of use, for the convenience of healthcare staff. The drawers can be configured according to the needs of each center.

If no model resembles the desired configuration, please ask for information. Our team will be pleased to advise you.

Configuración de cajones del carro de telemedicina La Pastilla
Configuración de cajones 3-2-1 del carro de telemedicina La Pastilla
Configuración de cajones 2-1-2 del carro de telemedicina La Pastilla
Configuración de cajones 1-3-1 del carro de telemedicina La Pastilla