Quality certificates and after-sales service

La Pastilla designs, manufactures, markets and distributes clinical furniture with the quality seal granted by the APPLUS entity

Quality certificates

The Pastilla has a high level of quality inDESIGN, MANUFACTURE, MARKETING and DISTRIBUTION area of clinical furniture and systems for taking medication. For this we have material means and a qualified team whose main objective is customer satisfaction and service excellence.

In order to warranty these principles, La Pastilla develops and maintains a QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2017 and ISO 13485: 2018 in all the processes. La Pastilla undertakes to:

  • Promote a process of continuous improvement of effectiveness of Quality Management system.
  • Continuously improve our services, making a constant effort to knowledge update in new areas that allow us to be at the forefront of our sector.
  • Instruct, motivate and involve all staff in the management and development of the Quality Management System, promoting continuous training to ensure a high degree of qualification of our employees.
  • Use as far as possible new technologies and equipment.

ISO9001 quality certificate

Quality certificate in orange and white colors with the Applus seal

It manages quality in two areas:

  • Quality in the external sphere deals with the relationship with customers and suppliers. The objective is to satisfy the needs and expectations of the agents and interest groups.
  • Quality in the internal sphere aims to improve the internal functioning of the company.

Obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate is a voluntary initiative for an optimal quality management. Responding to the expectations of our customers is our highest priority as well as complying with regulatory requirements.

After-sales service

La Pastilla has various after-sales services for all customers, from the warranty and maintenance of products to management and resolution of incidents.


  • La Pastilla offers a warranty against manufacturing defects in all its products of 2 years , expandable according to the project.
  • The warranty will be valid if the defect is from the factory. Otherwise, the products will be exempt from this warranty.
  • In case of breakdown due to improper use, transportation, incorrect assembly, accident, repair or manipulation by the buyer or a third person, the warranty will not be valid.
  • La Pastilla keeps the right to adopt the technical solution that considers appropriate in the products under warranty.


In order to keep hospital carts and clinical furniture in proper working order, it must be cleaned and disinfected as soon as possible after each use.

Basic instructions before starting the cleaning of medical carts:

  • Use products designed for cleaning healthcare equipment.
  • We recommend the use of water, soap, acetone and alcohol.
  • The pH of the water must be between 6 and 8 and its hardness must not exceed 5 odH.
  • Working solutions must be freshly prepared.
  • The concentrations used must be those provided in the cleaning product.

Spare parts

La Pastilla ensures that spare parts will be available for a 10 year period since the acquisition.

In case of an old manufacture, consult directly with the company for any replacement or update.

Incident management

To report any incident or claim, do not hesitate to contact us .

Thanks to our quick management, we will solution your problem immediately.

We will be delighted to help you.

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