Walkers & Rollators

     LaPastilla offers a wide range of products to support the elderly and/or disabled people to move. These Walkers & Rollators are of different shapes, sizes and colors. We offer a very stable aluminum walker that allows patients to rely on the walker while walking.

     LaPastilla also offers Rollators; Rollators are Walkers with wheels. They offer the opportunity to move without lifting the walker. We offer several types of rollator; Some have only two wheels, others have three to four wheels, they are easily manageable for the elderly and/or disabled. Some of our rollators are lighter than the rest. LaPastilla also offers Foldable Rollators that make transportation and their storage easier. We also offer Rollators with Compartments to store personal belongings.

     So, you can walk safely with our products specially designed for the elderly and/or disabled.

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