Treatment Carts

  Treatment Carts are mobile medical equipment that are used in a purely medical environment. They are daily used in hospitals, clinics and care homes in terms of hygiene and ergonomics. Our high-quality treatment cart is easy to handle and thanks to its versatility can serve for several functions.

  LaPastilla offers treatment carts in aluminum and stainless steel. Our carts can be closed with a padlock which you can buy on our website. Our brands are CONVIMED & NOVIMED, these carts are available in several colors such as dark blue, light blue, red and grey. We also offer stainless steel carts with drawers that consist of 2 trays.

  • Reference F-DNOVTREAT-1-3-1

    1 Review
    Designed to make the health care professional labour as easy as possible. Easy to handle and with great storage capacity. Triple glove carrier Universal basket Plastic waste bin DIN holders
  • Reference F-D-TREAT

    1 Review
    ISO baskets included and accessories included Total opening 110%, telescopic ball bearing slides Safe self-closing system, drawers 4 Wheels Manner Ø 125mm 2 with locking Ergonomic pushing handle Multiple color options to choose from without cost
  • Reference F-CURAS-RB

    Made from stainless steel tube. Removable top and bottom trays made of stainless steel Bucket for debris. 75mm rotating wheels Dimensions: 71 x 45 x 80 cm
  • Reference F-CURAS-R

    Carts stainless steel 2 trays Bucket debris without pylon holder Made from stainless steel Removable top and bottom trays made of stainless steel 75mm rotating wheels Dimensions: Width 95 cm Depth 45 cm Height 80cm
  • Reference F-CURAS-2C

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    Stainless steel tray 2 drawers. Manufactured in stainless steel tube. Removable top and bottom trays made of stainless steel. Can holder for debris 75mm swivel castors. Dimensions: Width 95cm Depth 45cm Height 80cm.