Emergency Carts

  Emergency Carts also known as Crash Carts are handy instruments that are easy to handle and easy to clean (They must be properly cleaned and maintained in accordance with the hygiene requirements of the medical community). They have wheels that offer easy maneuvering of the cart. This cart contains between 3 to 6 drawers of different sizes. These drawers are easy to open.

  LaPastilla offers a diversity of Emergency Carts, including the brand CONVIMED & NOVIMED. Our carts contain all the necessary equipment for proper care of in vital emergency situations. We offer stainless steel carts.
  The components of the emergency cart must be checked weekly to ensure that everything needed is available.

  • Reference F-DNOVPAR-1-3-1

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    Resistant Hospital trolley, lightweight and maneuverable. Includes the following essential accessories in situations of clinical emergencies: Seal closure system Soft-close system Oxygen tank holder CPR cardiac board with support  Shelf for rotating defibrillator IV hooks with Adjustable height
  • Reference F-D-PAR

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    NEW central locking with anti-tilt system Desfibrillator holder Oxygen bottle holder Changeable accessories Strong and manoeuvrable for quick emergencies Dimensions: 717 x 527 x 1075 mm
  • Reference F-C-PAR-T

    Stowage truck Made of stainless steel. Three planes withhandrails on three sides. Top drawer. Height adjustable drop drawer. Stand table 125mm rotating wheels, two with brake. Dimensions: Width 70cm, Depth 60cm, Height 85cm.
  • Reference F-CURG-1C2E

    Stainless steel emergency cart, top flange on 3 sides. Features: Made of stainless steel. Ridge top level on 3 sides. Low level / s with handrail on three sides. 125 mm rotating wheels. 2 with brake. Protection against shocks. Models: 2 shelves, 3 shelves. Dimensions: Width: 62cm Depth: 48cm Height: 96cm.
  • Reference F-CURG-1C3E

    Stainless steel trolley, top work surface with 3 raised edges, lower shelf with 3 railings, 1 drawer. FEATURES:Made of stainless steel. Top work surface with 3 raised edges. Lower shelf with 3 railings. 125 mm castors (2 braked). Crash protection. Available with 2 or 3 shelves.DIMENSIONS: Width: 62 cm / 24.2 in Depth: 48 cm / 18.7 in Height: 96 cm...
  • Reference F-CURG-3CS

    Made from stainless steel Top flat with flange on three sides Three upper drawers 125 mm swivel casters, two with brake Anti-shock protection Dimensions: Width: 62 cm Depth: 48 cm Height: 96 cm
  • Reference F-CURG-3CI

    Made from stainless steel. Top plane with flange on three sides Three lower drawers 125 mm rotating wheels, two with brakes Anti-shock protection
  • Reference F-CURG-5C

    Made from stainless steel Top plane with flange on three sides Five drawers 125 mm rotating wheels, two with brake Anti-shock protection
  • Reference F-CURG-4C

    Stainless steel trolley with 4 drawers.Features: Made from stainless steel 125 mm castors (2 brakes) Crash protection