Anesthesia Carts

  LaPastilla offers two Anesthesia Carts, one from the brand NOVIMED and another from CONVIMED. They both contain five drawers of different sizes, the anesthesia cart from CONVIMED is the only cart that has external handles on each drawer. They are designed to provide access to medicines and medical supplies used in medical organizations. Our two anesthesia carts have an infusion support bar that is adjustable in height, as well as bins on the sides. They also have wheels of high-quality that allow the carts to be easily maneuvered. The carts are available in 3 color option (Blue, Red, and Grey).

  • Anesthesia cart NOVIMED
    Anesthesia cart NOVIMED

    This NOVIMED Anesthesia Cart for operations and care consists of all necessary accessories.

  • Anesthesia cart CONVIMED
    Anesthesia cart CONVIMED

    This CONVIMED Anesthesia Cart for operations and care is composed of all the necessary accessories for anesthesia.

  • Reference F-DNOVANEST-1-3-1

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    Designed to provide access to medicines and supplies needed for health professionals. Dispose of: IV Hooks with adjustable height Glove holder with DIN bar Sharp Container Holder Support for tilting containers Tilting container Box-5 (just 1 included) Plastic bin with DIN bar
  • Reference F-D-ANEST

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    Anesthesia Carts were designed with a combinationof functions and technology specific to the needs of the anesthesia department Drawer Fronts 13 mm Choose 3 colors: Blue, Red, White Load Capacity per drawer 30 kg 125 mm wheels Manner, 2 with brake Soft closing telescopic runners