Clinical Beds & Tables

  A Clinical bed is a bed adapted to the needs of patients whose state of health requires a long period of care. The clinical bed makes it possible for elderly, dependent or disabled people to improve their resting conditions. It allows medical personnel, the patient and his or her entourage to provide care with less physical effort. Clinical beds reduce the risk of falls and mishandling.

  LaPastilla offers several types of clinical beds, they are adapted to the needs of the patient. We also offer Pediatric Beds for children. These beds consist of bars around the bed to ensure the safety of the child.

  Apart from the beds, you can also find several hospital accessories that are in line with the situation of each user. We offer Hospital Side Tables with drawers, overbed tables, height adjustable bed tables, and lectern trays...

  The contribution of Clinical beds in the improvement of life makes it an essential equipment in home care.

  • Hospital Beds
    Hospital Beds

      LaPastilla offers a variety of Hospital Beds. These beds are adapted to all patients' needs. Our hospital beds make it possible for elderly, dependent or disabled people to improve their treatment and rest conditions. They facilitate access to patients by the medical staff and entourage. Our beds reduce the risk of falls and mishandling.

         All the hospital beds available on LaPastilla website are equipped with wheels to facilitate their movement. They are also mobile, so they can be regulated according to the needs of the treatment.

  • Pediatric Beds
    Pediatric Beds

      LaPastilla offers Pediatric Beds. This kind of clinical furniture is designed especially for newborns. These pediatric beds are modular with different sections and can be also lifted. We would like to emphasize that our pediatric beds are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Our pediatric beds include wheels that makes their movements effortless. They are also extremely resistant to moisture and shocks.

  • Hospital Side Tables
    Hospital Side Tables

      LaPastilla offers several Hospital Side Tables. These tables serve as support for various items needed by the medical staff, but they can also be used as modular bedside table with drawers or block tables for storing materials. Some of our hospital side tables have a counterweight system that enables height variation. All our side tables have four wheels including two with brakes, so they can be easily moved.

  • Reference F-CAMA-4MOD-2

    Structure made of steel tube with epoxy coating. Optional rails (not included in basic bed) Four independent and removable modules realized in ABS. Height elevation from 41.5cm to 80.5cm by electric drive. Handrails split. Set of metal railings. External dimension 213 x 96 cm.
  • Reference F-CUNA

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    Material: Epoxy coated steel tube frame. Complete with supports for accessories (IV pole, lifting pole, etc.) Useful Surface 100% Electrical height adjustment ranging from 62 cm to 92 cm by electric actuators Ø125 mm castors with a central braking system and steer facility Four bumpers on each corner of the bed base
  • Reference F-ATRIL-MES-BLOCK

    Adjustable height from 70 cm to 98.5 cm Volteable stand mounted on metal frame with four pivotable wheels, diameter 35 mm Optional: 50 mm wheels, two with brake Great stability Dimensions: 77 x 46 cm Combinable F-mes-block
  • Reference F-CAHO

    Technical characteristics: Removable headboard and footboard Bumpers on the limbs with a diameter of 100 mm Removable mattress platform Height highest point 79 cm. and lowest point 39 cm
  • Reference F-MES-BLOCK

    Structure in sheet metal with epoxy coating. Block with postformed fiber countertop with anti-fall. Large capacity drawer. Drawer and door made of postformed fiber. Double band wheels Ø 50 mm in diameter, two with brake. Rodable base with anti-shock stop. External measurements: 450 x 425 x 705 mm. Combinable with lectern F-mes-atril
  • Reference F-CAMA-4MOD-BASIC

    4 independent and detachable ABS lying sections. Optional rails (not included in basic bed) Sections, height and trendelemburg/reverse trendelemburg adjustment accomplished by low tension electric motors. Double led safety positioning light optional. External dimensions: 2100 x 940 mm. Patient surface: 2000 x 850 mm. Maximum working load: 250kg. Weight...
  • Reference F-MES-MOD

    Modular bedside cabinet with drawers. Removable 3 section drawer. Drawer in one block with rounded corners and integrated pulling device. Anti scratches tray with elevated edges to prevent fluid spills. Double lateral storing section for bottles, magazines and towel. External measures of block: 460(L) x 470 (W) x 875mm (H). Inside measures of block: 390 x...
  • Reference F-CAHOMU

    Technical Characteristics: Plus model headboard removable and easy to remove Fixation in the 4 corners for the holder in stainless steel Side rails in stainless steel tube Brake alarm 4 for limb shocks with a diameter of 100 mm Weight of the bed: 120 Kg Maximum safety load: 250 Kg
  • Reference F-ATRIL-MES-MOD

    The height and angle of the tray are adjustable. It is laminated and has a non-scratch surface and raised edges for retaining liquids. Double compartment for bottles and a magazine and towel rack. Section for supporting diverse objects. Removable drawer with an internal mirror. Tray 54 x 41 cm Total measurements 78,5 x 59 cm
  • Reference F-CAHOPA

    General Characteristics: Total dimensions of the bed with stops (mm): 2200 (length) x 960 (width) 4 stops at the ends with Ø 100 mm Tripartite bed with articulated back section, fixed cup section and folding foot section
  • Reference F-CAMA-MATERNY

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    Epoxy coated steel tube frame. 4 independent and detachable ABS lying sections. Useful surface 100%. Manual handset that allows easy and quick adjustments of all positions of the bed. External dimensions: 2120 mm.
  • Reference F-CAHOSNI

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    Beds adapted to the morphology of children from 3 to 12 years old, in accordance with the sanitary safety recommendations established by the AFSSaPS (France). Security: handrails with a space less than 65 mm. Ergonomics: minimum 300 mm mattress lowering.