Medical and Hospital carts 

medical supplies organized, increasing efficiency in hospitals, emergency rooms, Lapastilla manufactures and offers durable medical carts for the different departments in the hospital. 

Medication carts for storing and transporting medication at your healthcare facility. High quality and ISO 600x400 standard medical trolleys.

  • Hospital Carts
    Hospital Carts

    LaPastilla manufactures a wide variety of high-quality Hospital Carts. Hospital carts are necessary in the medical sector, they are everywhere: in retirement homes, clinics, and hospitals ...

    There are several types of carts, among others, such as Emergency CartsAnesthesia CartsTreatment CartsMedication CartsPediatric Carts, and Multifunctional Carts... Each one of these hospital carts has its own use and they are all important in the medical sector.

    LaPastilla offers all these hospital carts for sale and many more. Hospital Carts are LaPastilla's specialty. We manufacture a lot of them with our own brand such as CONVIMED. We always strive to improve our carts to be as appropriate as possible to everyone's needs.

    Our wide range of hospital carts are available in several models of the same type and in different colors.

  • Hospital Equipment
    Hospital Equipment

       We are manufacturers of cynical furniture and hospital furniture that are shown in the category of hospital equipment. These products are made to cover all the needs and all the specialties in the medical sector. All our products are manufactured according to high quality standards.

      You will find on our site a variety of hospital equipment such as cabinets of all kinds to store medical equipment, auxiliary tables as supports for care for example, X-Ray viewers, instrument tables to use for surgical operations, mayo tables, hospital ward screens, clinical lamps and much more ...

  • Help Medication
    Help Medication

      LaPastilla markets several tools that are used to facilitate storage, as well as facilitating the intake of medication for the elderly and/or people under treatment.

      LaPastilla offers two categories of medication assistance. The first consists of Tip out Storage Bins; These are designed to store the medication. They contain more or less large drawers, depending on the needs of the patient, some tip out storage bins have labels in front of each drawer so that the patient is aware of what is in them. They are easy to use.

      The second category is entitled 'Technical Help', it includes Pill Cutters and Pill Crushers. These products can cut or crush pills for patients who have trouble swallowing their tablets. They are recommended for the elderly and/or disabled patients.

  • Hospital Storage Solutions
    Hospital Storage Solutions

      Hospital Logistics is defined by products that facilitate the storage of medical equipment, as well as an open or closed area for modular distribution or other.

      LaPastilla offers several hospital storage solutions. We have, for example, ISO - ABS baskets and ISO - PC baskets, the baskets come in different sizes and shapes: flat, deep, open, closed ... There is also the possibility to buy separators, of different sizes to be able to suit all baskets. LaPastilla also offers Modular Shelving Racks and Modular Open Trolleys. Using these trolleys, it is possible to store the ISO baskets. 

      These trolleys are used for storage and distribution of medical materials. They come in several sizes (small, large, wide ...) and in different shapes.

  • Clinical Beds & Tables
    Clinical Beds & Tables

      A Clinical bed is a bed adapted to the needs of patients whose state of health requires a long period of care. The clinical bed makes it possible for elderly, dependent or disabled people to improve their resting conditions. It allows medical personnel, the patient and his or her entourage to provide care with less physical effort. Clinical beds reduce the risk of falls and mishandling.

      LaPastilla offers several types of clinical beds, they are adapted to the needs of the patient. We also offer Pediatric Beds for children. These beds consist of bars around the bed to ensure the safety of the child.

      Apart from the beds, you can also find several hospital accessories that are in line with the situation of each user. We offer Hospital Side Tables with drawers, overbed tables, height adjustable bed tables, and lectern trays...

      The contribution of Clinical beds in the improvement of life makes it an essential equipment in home care.

  • Treatment Chairs
    Treatment Chairs

      Treatment Chairs almost have the same function as the clinical beds. They are tailored to the needs of the patient, whether he or she is an elderly person and/or a disabled person, or a person who requires care. It allows the person to sit in a chair that is appropriate to their condition.

      LaPastilla offers different types of treatment chairs. All treatment chairs presented on LaPastilla website have the capacity to transform into a bed. They allow the patient to rest in a seated and bedtime manner. All our armchairs have armrests. Some of our chairs are specialized according to the needs of the patient, for example, we have gynecological chairs, extraction chairs, hospital chairs etc... Our treatment chairs are also available in several colors. Like clinical beds, teatment chairs can treat the patient by providing less physical effort and they reduce the risk of falls and mishandling.

  • Transport Stretchers
    Transport Stretchers

      A Transfer Stretcher is a medical tool that is used to transport wounded and sick patients in a supine position. The ends of the stretcher serve as arms to be seized by carriers.

      LaPastilla offers several transport stretchers. These are beds made of casters and handles that allow caregivers to carry the bed from one point to another. These transfer shafts can be transferred both indoors and outdoors. All our stretchers have the option to bow and adopt several positions to be suitable to each situation or case. All of our stretchers are equipped with handles, which can be lowered to allow better access for patients by the health staff. Our Hydraulic Stretchers are also equipped with a support for oxygen cylinders.

      These stretchers are fundemental in hospitals and clinics for the transportation of patients.

  • Reference F-DNOVPAR-1-3-1

    1 Review
    Resistant Hospital trolley, lightweight and maneuverable. Includes the following essential accessories in situations of clinical emergencies: Seal closure system Soft-close system Oxygen tank holder CPR cardiac board with support  Shelf for rotating defibrillator IV hooks with Adjustable height
  • Reference F-DNOVTREAT-1-3-1

    1 Review
    Designed to make the health care professional labour as easy as possible. Easy to handle and with great storage capacity. Triple glove carrier Universal basket Plastic waste bin DIN holders
  • Reference F-CMU-1

    2 Reviews
    Multifunctional carts, ISO 600x400 for 42 BIN-01 4 Wheels Manner Ø 125mm 2 with locking Shutter, key lock (digital optional) The cart is robust and lightweight resistant to all chemicals used in hospital settings Walls/guides adapted to the majority of the trays of the market Door shutter with lateral opening (do not bend down) Lock with key Accessories...
  • Reference F-DNOVANEST-1-3-1

    1 Review
    Designed to provide access to medicines and supplies needed for health professionals. Dispose of: IV Hooks with adjustable height Glove holder with DIN bar Sharp Container Holder Support for tilting containers Tilting container Box-5 (just 1 included) Plastic bin with DIN bar
  • Reference F-C-6040-1050

    1 Review
    Multifunctional carts, ISO 600x400 (ISO baskets not included) Support system adapted to most market baskets Accessories not included Shutter, key lock (digital lock optional)
  • Reference F-DNOV-1-0-3

    New design with innovative advantages and new characteristics designed to make the work of the healthcare staff as easy as possible. Sliding table top extension 4 Drawers (ABS) with front-label Bumpers of plastic 4 Manner wheels of 125 mm, 2 with locking One push handle as standar (ABS) Accesories not included
  • Reference F-DNOVPED-1-3-1

    1 Review
    Pediatry Carts specially designed for pediatry areas and children specialty clinics, with comforting and funny stickers and Images   Sliding table top extension   5 Drawers (ABS) with front-label   Bumpers of plastic   4 Manner wheels of 125 mm, 2 with locking   One push handle as standar (ABS)   Accesories not includedNote: the manufacture of the new...
  • Reference F-C-6040-DOC

    1 Review
    Cart Document holder Convimed for transportation of medical records The cart is robust and lightweight resistant to all chemicals used in hospital settings Shutter door with side opening Lock with key (optional digital lock) Accessories and pusher adjustable in height Manner wheels of 125 mm, two with brake Accessories are not included
  • Reference F-CAINTA

    1 Review
    The mobile point is durable, easy to use and ergonomic. You can work with it sitting or standing and the height adjustment is continuous thanks to its versatility.A convenient option for mobile healthcare, therefore health professionals are more effective with innovative mobile workstations of high quality.
  • Reference F-CC-2

    Made of stainless steel Two shelves with flange 100 mm rotating wheels Dimensions: Width 95 cm  Depth 50 cm  Height 95 cm
  • Reference F-CAT1

    Cart designed to store and organize catheters in hospital and clinic areas. Body: optional Security edges: optional Fronts: optional Edges: optional Handles/Hooks: optional Wheels: Ø125mm - 4 wheels, both at front with brake included 16 compartments divided into two levels with Hooks included Telescopic drawer: 145mm high 20 compartments divided into two...
  • Reference F-CATRINES2P

    1 Review
    Designed for handling and transporting infected and/or contaminated instruments, for subsequent sterilization and distribution to the corresponding departments.Equipped with two internal shelves of anodized alloy rigidly blocked on two nylon supports, folding and removable.
  • Reference F-BIN-01

    Shelf Bin Transparent Dividers are not included Dimensions 92 x 82 x 400 mm
  • Reference F-NACC-01

    DIN side rail Accesories not included Note: the manufacture of the new cars starts in September 2018
  • Reference F-VM7-B

    Dimensions: Width: 70 cm Depth: 25 cm Height: 50 cm
  • Reference F-MAUX-BEBE

    White baby weighing table made of melanin. Dimensions: Largeur 60cm, Profondeur 40cm, Hauteur 80cm.
  • Reference F-NEGAINOX-1

    1 Review
    Highly efficient X-ray viewer made of stainless steel Bay of 35 cm wide and 43 high (13.8 x 16.9 in) Uniform illumination of viewing area due to fluorescent lamps Screen made of white methacrylate Slim design, only 11 cm deep (4.3 in) Chromed film holder at the upper edge of the viewing area Easy installation and lamp replacing Power supply: 220V / 50Hz...
  • Reference F-MINSTR-90

    Made from stainless steel Flat top and bottom flat 75 mm rotating wheels
  • Reference F-MAY-C

    Chrome Mayo table for surgical instruments. Characteristics: Made from chromed steel Removable top tray Height adjustable, 75mm swivel castors CE MARK
  • Reference F-BIOM-2C

    Characteristics: Manufactured from chrome steel Removable plastic-coated fabrics Independent folding sections 50 mm swivel castors Fabric color available: White Chrome steel