Unit Dose Cups & Trays

  Unit Dose Cups are objects that are used every day especially in hospitals and nursing homes. They are used for the distribution of medications to the elderly and/or disabled people.

  In this section of the website, LaPastilla presents several kinds of cups of different sizes. We have disposable cups of the respective sizes 20 ml and 30 ml, as well as washable cups of 20 ml and 30 ml. You can also find smaller paper cups. All cups shown on our website are compatible with covers that can be also purchased on our website.

  Note that 30 ml cups come in different colors. To facilitate the transportation and distribution of cups to patients, LaPastilla offers all kinds of transport trays for the cups.

  Our smallest tray is a tray composed of four compartments. We have three other trays, which will be suitable for cup dispensing to a large number; They can hold respectively 28, 40 and 90 cups.