Geriatric Technical Aids

  LaPastilla offers several products that aim to facilitate the storage, and taking of medications, especially pills, for the elderly and/or the sick or disabled. These aids are recommended to supervise patients taking medication. 

  LaPastilla offers various products that help people on treatment to take their medication with less effort. So, you can find a pill manual deblister, which is used to remove pills from their packaging, and pill cutters and crushers that divide or crush pills for patients who have troubles swallowing their medication.

  • Reference F-CR-260

    1 Review
    Easily crushes medication pills into powder With threaded closure for precision Small compartment to store pills Cutting blade for additional grinding
  • Reference F-POPPITS-PER

    1 Review
    Personal manual deblistering machine
  • Reference F-CR-270

    1 Review
    Hand held Metal crusher for use with plastic bags BP-50 sachets (not included) Easily reduces powdered pills Professional or household tool
  • Reference F-CR-240M

    1 Review
    Metal pill crusher for paper medicine cup (not included) In most centers, the tablets are crushed regularly Professional tool or home use that helps us when shredding medication Easily reduces powdered tablets
  • Reference F-CR-290

    1 Review
    Pill crusher for plastic bag. In most centers, the pills are crushed regularly. Professional tool or home use that helps us when shredding medication. Professional high-strength chip crusher for use with plastic sachets F-BP-50 Easily reduces pills and medicines.
  • Reference F-DESMA

    It is a manual bubble removal machine to recover tablets and capsules from blister packs. Measurements: Length: 295 mm Width: 380 mm Height: 230 mm
  • Reference F-SEV-03

    The Severo grinds the hardest medicine to dust in seconds without physical strain and without the risk of inhalation, exposure, and cross-contamination. Portable Design From pill to powder in 8 seconds Rechargeable Long lasting battery Silent operation Easy to Clean Dimensions (LxBxH) 80 x 70 x 217 mm