Food Carts

  LaPastilla offers Food Carts for hospitals and geriatrics. These carts are made to facilitate the transport of meals to patients in medical organizations such as hospitals or retirement homes.

     Our food carts are simple, they are made of stainless steel with two or three shelves. They are equipped with wheels to facilitate the transportation of meals. The food carts also have handles to make their handling as simple as possible. Our carts are lightweight, which makes their use easy even when they are full.

  • Reference F-CC-2

    Made of stainless steel Two shelves with flange 100 mm rotating wheels Dimensions: Width 95 cm  Depth 50 cm  Height 95 cm
  • Reference F-CC-3

    Made of stainless steel. Three shelves with flange. 100 mm rotating wheels. Dimensions: Width: 950 mm, Depth: 500 mm, Height: 950 mm