Medical furniture for hospitals, clinic furniture, medical trolleys. We are manufacturers based in Spain able to supply a whole range of medical products to fit medical sector. 

Designs and manufactures healthcare and administrative contract furniture.

Nursing home equipment, hospital equipment, senior care, health clinics, equipment for offices, dental clinics, laboratory equipment…

  • Medication Solutions
    Medication Solutions

      Medication Solutions include all the products that are used for storage, dosing, use and ingurgitation of medication.

      LaPastilla offers a variety of products to help the elderly and/or the disabled to follow their treatment in the best way. We offer all kinds of pill organizers such as weekly pill boxes, pill timers & reminders and marketing pill boxes. The pill boxes are very useful and especially recommended for people undergoing treatment, indeed, they allow them to arrange what medication to take at what time (some pillbox also allow to divide the day in 3 or 4 intervals for the morning, noon, evening and night if necessary). The pill timers & reminders remind the patient with an audible alarm when the pill must be taken and the marketing pill boxes are personalized drawings to represent the moment when the drug must be taken.

      LaPastilla also sells Medication Cupboards made of shelves so that the medication stays in the same place and does not get lost. You can also find technical aids to the medication such as the pill deblisters, the pill cutters and the pill crushers among others.

  • Geriatrics Carts
    Geriatrics Carts

      LaPastilla offers a wide variety of carts that are essential in geriatrics. These products are strongly recommended in medical organizations such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, retirement homes for the elderly...

      You can find in this section of our website medication carts designed to help with the storage and distribution of medications, specialized food carts for the distribution of meals, laundry trolleys for cleaning dirty linens, treatment carts to hold all the medical equipment needed by nurses to provide the best patient care, as well as shower trolleys.

  • Patient Lifts
    Patient Lifts

      A Patient Lift is a medical technical aid. Its purpose is to help people to move from one point to another, these people often elderly or disabled do not have the capacity to do it themselves. The lift is often used to transport a patient from his or her bed to a chair or vice versa.

      All the Patient Lifts shown on LaPastilla website have wheels to move the device with less effort. They all include a harness that is used to transfer patients. This medical aid allows to transport any individual effortlessly by the medical staff. Some of our patient lifts can bend to ensure easy movability and storage.

  • Tableware & Crockery
    Tableware & Crockery

      LaPastilla offers several kinds of tableware & crockery. Tableware is the set of objects used to eat, store and present food. Our products are useful for retirement homes and hospitals.

      You can find in this section of our website polycarbonate glasses, glass lids, polycarbonate cups, polycarbonate deep dishes, polycarbonate flat plates, polycarbonate covers, several trays with compartments to separate the food ...

  • Geriatric Comfort
    Geriatric Comfort

    Electric and manual articulated geriatric beds are indicated for people with a high degree of dependence on a third person. The articulated beds with legs can be adjusted in height, but the bed is always at a fixed height. Indicated for users with postural, respiratory problems or simply for comfort.

  • Geriatric Armchairs
    Geriatric Armchairs

      LaPastilla offers a variety of geriatric armchairs. Our armchairs are comfortable, they allow patients to sit and bend over. Our geriatric chairs provide an ergonomic sitting position. We also offer geriatric chairs that have leg support. Our geriatric chairs are available in several colors (red, green, gray).

  • Occupational Therapy
    Occupational Therapy

      Occupational Therapy is a paramedical profession that accompanies people in order to preserve and develop their independence and autonomy in their daily lives and in their social environment. It is defined by education, rehabilitation, and physical rehabilitation. Ability to act, and skills are enhanced through exercises and activities of daily life.
      LaPastilla offers several equipment to help people who use occupational therapy. We have several products like parallel bars of several kinds (Parallel Bars with Separation Plate, Single-Rail Bars, and with Foot Grille), Staircases with Handrails of different module (Landing Module, Ramp Module, Long or Short Staircase Module), and Wall Bars (Single-Frame and Two-Frame)
      These products are suitable for children and adults. They allow independence or at least a maximum of autonomy in daily personal, professional and in activities.

  • Reference F-TGRES-30

    Lid for medicine cup 30 ml (50 units)
  • Reference F-SPDC

    The glass is perfect for those who have difficulty accessing medication Simplifies the entire dispensing process of the medicines contained in the multi-dose packs Simply fit the cup into the cavity and invert the pack. In this way the medication is contained within the cup and can be easily administered
  • Reference X-BA-2

    Sizes: Width: 1270 mm Depth: 430 mm Height: 28 mm
  • Reference F-BLP-3100

    1 Review
    Weekly pill dispenser with 7 removable dispensers Color: grey and green Size: 320 x 200 x 40 mm Sliding top cover can be opened bouth sides Optional sticker for the side of the pill box Can be washed at 60º, do not use abrasive products (It is essential to store very small pills in your blister)
  • Reference F-ETQ-ES-6100

    Pack of 7 Labels of colors with the days of the week + 1 white label for the tablets of the tray of medication F-BLP-6100.
  • Reference F-BLP-5100

    Weekly pill dispenser with 7 removable dispensers Color: grey and green Movable sliders printed which can be taken out High capacity (even envelopes), (It is essential to store very small pills in your blister) Sliding top cover can be opened from both sides Optional sticker for the side of the pill box Can be washed at 60º, do not use abrasive products
  • Reference F-BLP-2100

    Tray of medication that combines liquid medications with tablets. The tray is stable and is used to distribute medicines for 19 patients. For 19 narrow medicines and 19 dispensers White color Packaging: 30 pc Dimensions: 44 x 34 cm INCLUDED: F-BLP-2102 and 19 X-VRES-30 cups
  • Reference F-CMR-1

    1 Review
    Multifunctional carts for RBT transport Accessories not included Manner wheels of 125 mm, two with brake Shutter, key lock (digital lock optional) Capacity for 5 trays of 100 mm, RBT for basket (included)
  • Reference F-C-332

    1 Review
    Medication cart for storage of 32 weekly pill dispensers BLP-3100 (not included) Sizes: Width: 717mm Depth: 527 mm Height: 1150 mm Wheels Ø 125mm, two with brake Materials: Top cover in ABS/PC HPL walls Galvanized steel construction
  • Reference F-C-332-2

    Medication cart for storage of 8 daily pill dispensers BLP-2100 (not included) Sizes: Width: 717mm Depth: 527 mm Height: 1150 mm Wheels Ø 125mm, two with brake Materials: Top cover in ABS/PC HPL walls Galvanized steel construction
  • Reference F-CMB-1

    Multifunctional cart Convimed for transport of Blisters with capacity: 126 Blister SPD (not included) The cart is robust and lightweight resistant chemicals Walls / guides adapted to the majority of the trays 4 Wheels Tente Ø 125mm Try 2 with brake Door shutter with lateral opening Lock with key (optional digital lock) Accessories not included
  • Reference F-CC-2

    Made of stainless steel Two shelves with flange 100 mm rotating wheels Dimensions: Width 95 cm  Depth 50 cm  Height 95 cm
  • Reference F-LP-B20-30-50

    Bags for carts F-LP-20-CR Y F-LP-20-INOX
  • Reference F-DNOVTREAT-1-3-1

    1 Review
    Designed to make the health care professional labour as easy as possible. Easy to handle and with great storage capacity. Triple glove carrier Universal basket Plastic waste bin DIN holders
  • Reference F-CALAHIDRA

    Its adjustable height allows its placement at bed level The side rails are foldable so that the patient's mobility is minimal Folding headboard Upper plane tilting by gas spring, to facilitate a correct drain Four wheels with brake Metallic structure galvanized and finished in polyester
  • Reference F-GRUBAELE

    1 Review
    Crane indicated for the transfer or displacement of people with disabilities or with limited motor skills. Safety for the patient as well as for the caregiver.
  • Reference F-BT450

    Polypropylene Hermetic Lid for Bowl (80 units) Gray Dimensions: 130 x 6 mm Units: 80 units PRICE PER BOX (80 units)
  • Reference F-COANTIES-1

    1 Review
    Dimensions (length x width x height): 41 x 41 x 6 cm Product weight: 1.4 kg Cushion material: BASF visco elastic 86 kg / m3 Maximum patient weight: 100 kg
  • Reference F-CAMA-090PLUS

    Complete Set of Bed + Lifting + Headboard / Piecero + Handrails + Viscoi Mattress with Polyurethane Cover Dimensions: 90 x 190 cm Material: Beech or oak finish Exterior Dimensions with headboard, footboard and handrails: 102 x 195 cm.POSSIBILITY OF SHIPPING WITHOUT ASSEMBLY. CONSULT US
  • Reference F-SISAER

    These are bed accessories that offer new features to promote the mobility of bedridden people.