Pouches medication cart with trays

Medication cart with trays for pouch porter systems. Side opening (no bending down) avoiding injuries of nursing.

Product highlights:

  • Walls/guides adapted to most of the trays on the market.
  • Available for 72 or 90 pouch porters.
  • Shutter door with lateral opening.
  • Key lock (optional digital lock)
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Monitored dosage system medication carts with trays are perfectly designed to suit the needs of the greatest number of healthcare workers.

Pouches medication carts with trays are robust, lightweight and resistant to chemicals used in hospital environments. Available for 72 or 90 pouches depending on the chosen cart.

Manufacturing materials:

  • Top plane on three raised sides ABS/PC
  • Phenolic walls .
  • ABS interior guides.
  • Anodized aluminum profiles.
  • Phenolic base with bumpers .

Shutter door with lateral opening. Thanks to the lateral opening, nursing home workers do not need to bend down, thus avoiding injuries typical of use.

The multifunctional logistic cart with roller shutter is equipped with 4 wheels Ø 125mm thread-resistant and with bumpers , 2 of them with brake With the possibility of putting special, antistatic or directional wheels.

Dimensions: Width: 855 mm Depth: 545mm Height: 1050 mm

Empty trolley weight: 40 Kg

Our medication cart is easy to clean, thanks to its design dirt does not accumulate.


The dimensions of our pouch porters carts change according to the chosen model, 72 or 90 pouch porters.

Front and side drawing of a medical cart with its height, width and depth measurements. On the right, a wooden pallet

As for the packaging process, it is carried out manually, quickly and safely. Our main objective is to protect medication carts and make sure they arrive at their destination in perfect condition, thus guaranteeing the integrity of the product and the protection of your investment.

There are 2 ways of packaging according to pallets dimensions:

  • European packaging: pallet 1200 x 800 mm

Medical convimed cart during its packaging process on a wooden pallet

  • American packaging: pallet 1200 x 1000 mm

2 medical carts being packed by a box on a wooden pallet

Coordination with transport, possibility of putting your own or hiring ours.


Pouch Porter System

Pouch porter dispensing system for multidose cellophane pouches.

Pouch Porter System

Each nursing home patient has a specific pouch porter that stores all the medication that the patient needs for up to one week, providing a secure, organized and easy to use which will save nursing time when administering medications.

Pouch porter contains pouch rolls with all the medications a patient needs for a single dosing time. Each pill pouch is identified for both patient and medication information with extensive labeling.

Product highlights:

  • Clear plastic material, to see the content at a glance.
  • Front space for place a patient identification card or a photo.
  • Easy assembly and easy opening.
  • Measures: 77 x 107 x 130 mm

Pouches medication carts with trays

Medication cart Convimed, with a shutter lateral opening door and trays inside.

Available for 72 or 90 pouch porters.

Medication cart for 72 pouch porters (4 trays included)

Own manufacture

Dimensions: Width: 855 mm Depth: 545 mm Height: 1050 mm

Medication cart for 90 pouch porters (5 trays included)

Own manufacture

Width: 855 mm Depth: 545 mm Height: 1150 mm

Accessories included

Medication cart for pouches distribution includes the next accessories

Transparent rectangular box with a rounded edge and a slot at the top

Pouch Porter System

Includes 72 and 90 units

Cream-colored tray with 100-millimeter high walls and slots inside to insert dividers

Iso tray 600x400x100 mm pg abs

4 units for 72 pouches cart and 5 units for 90 pouches cart

Capacity of 24 Liters

Two aluminum keys linked by a key ring, one of them inserted in a key lock

Key lock

Option of adding a digital lock

Compatible with extra accessories

To suit your needs, we offer the next accessories

Gray plastic bin with bracket attached to the side of a medication cart

Waste container

Metal frame for gloves boxes

Glove holder

 Metal structure with three glove boxes inside

Triple glove holder

Soap holder for sides of medication carts

Soap holder

Lock options

For greater safety, there is the possibility of adding a lock

Gray digital lock with black buttons

Digital lock

Gray digital lock with black buttons

Key lock