Medication cart with drawers for SPD dispensing boxes

Medication cart for Robot box drawers facilitates the storage and dispensing of medications in geriatric and hospital environments.

Product details:

  • Maximum capacity of 18 Robot boxes for each drawer
    *Boxes are sold separately
  • Up to 5 medium-sized drawers (sizes and colors of drawers are customizable upon request)
  • Includes interchangeable label holders on each drawer
  • Smooth ABS surface with 3 rounded edges.
  • Removable side table included as standard feature
  • Height-adjustable ABS ergonomic push handle
  • 4 swivel wheels with a diameter of 125mm, two of which have brakes
    Circular rubber bumpers on all wheels for protection.
Novimed logotype

Available drawers colors:

Indicated for use:





Pouches medication carts for monitored dosage system presentsa new design with innovative advantages in all features to facilitate the work of nursing homes and healthcare centers and perfectly adapted to the needs of each hospital or geriatric center thanks to the possibility of a fully customized configuration and a wide range of accessories.

Manufacturing materials:

  • ABS plastic surface, removable table, and drawers
  • Anodized aluminum profiles
  • Compacmel base
  • Fiberplast sidewalls
  • Galvanized steel internal structures

Drawers with ISO dimensions of 600×400 on telescopic guides with 110% opening, with removable label holders to identify internal contents

Drawers fully customizable in size and colors (able to hold up to 18 plastic dispensing boxes per drawer)

The monitored dosage system medication cart has 4 swivel wheels Ø 125mm, 2 of them with locking to maintain it static. Possibility of choice between special, antistatic or directional wheels.

Dimensions: Width: 665mm Depth: 510mm Height: 1045mm

Empty cart weight: 47 Kg

Monitored dosage system medication carts dimensions are the indicated in the image Its weight without accesories is 47 Kg.


During the packaging process, the main objective is to protect medication carts. Our professionals are in charge of carrying out the process manually, this guaranteeing the integrity of the product and the protection of your investment.

In the packaging process we use 2 different pallets:

  • European packaging: pallet 1200 x 800 mm

Packaging process of Novimed drawer cart on a pallet

  • American packaging: pallet 1200 x 1000 mm

2 Novimed drawer carts on a pallet during their packaging process

Possibility of coordinating with transport, possibility of putting one of your own or hiring ours.


Medication carts for pouches distribution

Medication cart with customizable drawers for storage and transport up to 90 pouch porters in nursing homes or hospitals.

Configuration options

You can choose between different drawer configurations: large, medium or small. In each medium-sized drawer, 18 plastic dispensing boxes can fit. All drawers are available in three colors: blue, red and gray.

5 medium drawers for 90 pouch porters


5 medium drawers can store up to 90 pouch porters (18 per drawer)

Width:855 mm Depth: 545 mm Height: 1045 mm

Drawer color: blue, red and gray.

3 medium drawers for 54 pouch porters


3 medium drawers can store up to 54 pouch porters (18 per drawer)

1 small drawer and 1 large drawer available for other uses

Width:855 mm Depth: 545 mm Height: 1045 mm

Drawer color: blue, red and gray.

Pouch Porter System

Pouch porter dispensing system for multidose cellophane pouches.

What is its functionality?

Each patient in the geriatric center, nursing home or pharmacy, has a patient specific medication transport unit with all the weekly medication in multi-dose roll pouches to be taken, which facilitates the work of the staff in charge of administering the medication.

Medication is placed inside SPD bags with patient information screen-printed on them and then distributed within the drawers of our medication carts.

Product highlights:

  • Material: transparent plastic for easy visibility of contents
  • Dimensions:77 x 107 x 130 mm (width, depth, height)
  • Storage capacity: maximum 18 pouch porters per basket.
  • Front space for place a patient identification card or a photo.
  • Easy to assemble, comfortable to open and change the medication roll

Customized drawer configuration

Novimed range is highly configurable in ISO drawers (600×400 mm) and accessories, according to usage needs, for greater convenience of healthcare personnel. Depending on the 3 drawer sizes, we have different medication carts models for Personalized Dosage System (SPD).

If no model resembles the desired configuration, please ask for information. Our team will be pleased to advise you.


90 pouch porters

Ref: F-DNOV-0-5-0-RBT
5 x 155 mm

54 dispensing boxes

Ref: F-DNOV-0-3-0-RBT
3 x 155 mm

32 dispensing boxes

Ref: F-DNOV-1-2-0-RBT
1 x 75 mm | 2 x 155 mm

Accessories for the medication cart with drawers for SPD dispensing boxes are available separately.

Included accessories are sold separately

Ergonomic metal pusher on the side of a medication cart

Push handle


Transparent color pouch

Pouch Porter System

Compatible with extra accessories

Medication carts for pouch porter system are compatibles with a wide range of extra accessories.

Black plastic bin with metal support

Waste container

Capacity of 19 Litres

 White metal structure with 2 hooks for gloves boxes

Glove holder

White metal structure for carrying gloves with capacity for three boxes

Triple glove holder

White metal structure for carrying gloves with capacity for three boxes

Soap holder

White metal structure for carrying gloves with capacity for three boxes


Lock options

For greater safety, there is the possibility of adding a lock

Gray digital lock with black buttons

Digital lock

Two aluminum keys linked by a key ring, one of them inserted in the slot of a universal lock

Key lock