Mixed linen carts

Clean and dirty linen cart on wheels, with 3 trays for distribution of clean laundry and 2 bags for collection of dirty linen. Our laundry hamper provides an efficient and quick way to collect and distribute linen supplies and facilitate a laundry routine.

Mixed laundry cart has the following characteristics:

  • 3 polypropylene trays.
  • 2 laminated bags.
  • Great Storage capacity .
  • 125 Ø wheels.
  • Easy to handle by one person.
  • With improvements in its technology so the dirt does not accumulate.

Indicated for use:





Medical linen cart for nursing homes or hospitals. are easy to handle by a single person, are light and resistant because of its materials.

Make easily the laundry tasks in hospitals and nursing homes.


  • 3 polypropylene trays.
  • 2 laminated bags with hooks. 77 liters capacity per bag.
  • Colour Gray.
  • Telescopic handles.
  • 125 Ø swivel wheels.

Manufacturing materials: chassis chrome or stainless steel.


Dimensions: Width: 1470 mm Depth: 560 mm Height: 1060 mm

Bags for mixed linen carts

Laminated bag with hooks. Color blue.

Large blue laundry bag with black straps for attachment to the car

Bag for mixed linen cart

Capacity of 77 Litres