Convimed cart accessories

Learn about the different accessories compatible with Convimed carts

Convimed carts are compatible with a wide range of accessories.

We have a broad catalog with accessories for all the medical carts

La Pastilla offers you the possibility of customizing your medical furniture and adapt the Convimed carts to the different needs of health workers.

Gray metal bar with 4 slots, hooked into the side of a trolley

Side rail


Side rail for attachment for accesories The assembly is easy and fast, it fit the aluminum profiles. Dimensions: 370mm x 35mm x 40 mm

Pusher for Convimed trolleys which enables the handling of the carts

Push handle


Lateral ABS push handler need tools for the assembly It’s ergonomic system make easier for sanitary staff

Extendable table from the upper part of a trolley with telescopic guides

Extendable worktop


Extendable worktop to support medical equipment

Side of a cart with an unfolded table

Folding side work surface


Folding side table easy to remove To have medical supplies always at hand. Provides 2,112 cm² of adittional workspace

Set of blue cups inside a plastic dispenser on the side of a medication cart

Glasses dispenser


Medicine cup dispenser
Cups F-Vres-30 (not included)

Soap holder for medical carts

Soap holder


Hydroalcoholic soap / gel dispenser holder with black straps for a perfect fit Dimensions: Width 60 mm; Depth 65 mm; Height 120 mm

Medical devices support in the side of a Convimed cart

Articulate devices support


Lateral articulated support with a articulate arm for laptop, ipad or any device for clinical use. The arm allows to regulate height, inclination and rotation. No need tools for assembly

Yellow canister for sharp medical objects

Consumables canister holder


Cointarner for sharp objects, it is used to collect needles or another sharp material Can be removed when not in use

*Canister not included

A small metal hook on the side of a medication cart



Small hook for Convimed carts side.
Dimensions: Width 15mm; Depth 45 mm; Height 55mm

Metal structure for catheter transport

Catheter holder


Container for transporting catheters with 9.8 litters capacity. It is placed on the lateral of the cart, to regulate the height

Infusion stand with two hooks. Made of stainless steel

Iv pole with 2 hooks


Height adjustable stainless steel IV pole. It has two hooks with large capacity to administrate the medication. Dimensions: Width: 250 mm, Deep: 15 mm, Height: 1010 mm

Metal frame for gloves

IV pole with 4 hooks


IV pole with 4 stainless steel hooks to hang bags of solutions. Adjustable height for the administration of any fluids

Gray plastic bucket bin with metal bracket

Waste container


Plastic waste container with holder. Easy placement on the trolley on the ACC-01 accessory bar.

Capacity 19 Litters

Metal tray hooked to the top of a medication trolley

Side support


Fixed side support. Easy one-tool mounting. Extends the work surface of the trolley, being able to support endoscopes, portable aspirators or any other medical devices

Metal frame for gloves

Glove holder


Support to be placed on the side of the cart. Capacity to store 1 standard box of gloves Allows easy removal and quick access for immediate glove use.

Metal structure with 3 glove boxes inside

Triple glove holder


Glove dispenser with capacity to storage 3 glove boxes. Easily attaches to the side of the cart without tools Can be removed if not in use.

Metal bin hooked to the sidebar of a medication cart

Novimed metal bin


Made of metal wire It adjust to the acessory bar without tools Can be removed while not in use. Dimensions: Width 300mm Depth 175 mm Height 360 mm

Plastic coated wire bascket with mounting brackets

Utility basket


Multipurpose storage basket with a articulate arm for laptop, ipad or any device for clinical use.

Gray liquidsoap dispenser

Gel dispenser


Hydroalcoholic soap or gel dispenser for hospital and geriatric carts.
Hydroalcoholic soap / gel dispenser holder with black straps for a perfect fit.
Dimensions: Width 60 mm; Depth 65 mm; Height 120 mm

Metal structure with a round base for carrying cylinders with a black strap at the top to hold it.

Oxygen tank holder


Side holder Designed to transport cylinders firmly and safetly without having to carry it. No need tools for assembly No need tools for assembly

Gray liquidsoap dispenser

Digital lock


Electronic lock system. Locks the trolley and secures medical supplies and personal data of the patients. Easy to use.
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