LAPASTILLA obtains the seal of quality granted by the entity APPLUS (LEGAI Technological center) that certifies the conformity of its services with the norm ISO9001
ISO9001 CERTIFICATION - Manage quality in two areas:

· Quality at the external level deals with the relationship with customers and suppliers. The objective is to satisfy the needs and expectations of the agents and interest groups.

· Quality at the internal level aims to improve the internal operation of the company.

Obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate is a voluntary initiative of all the involved instances for an optimal management of the quality.

Responding to the expectations of our customers is our top priority as well as complying with regulatory requirements and acting permanently to improve the satisfaction of our customers.
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LAPASTILLA Y BEHMPAT, aspires to achieve a high level of quality in the sector of DESIGN, COMMERCIALIZATION and DISTRIBUTION OF SYSTEMS FOR EATOMEDICATION. That is why our main objective is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers by offering them the best service, through the quality of our products and the excellent attention of our workers.

For this we have material means and a qualified human team whose mission is always to meet the requirements of the client and maintain a high degree of satisfaction with respect to our services.

LAPASTILLA Y BEHMPAT, aware of the importance of quality, as well as the need for good management of resources, is committed to the dissemination of these values ​​to the entire entity. For this, it implements and maintains a QUALITY SYSTEM based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2017 and ISO 13485: 2018.

The aim of this Quality System is to guarantee the best possible compliance with our commitments, both with the financing agencies and with the clients, so that our services and products respond better to their needs.

This policy provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.

As a permanent objective with our clients, in addition to proposing to achieve maximum satisfaction through quality service, the following aspects are also important:

Promote a process of continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management system.
Continuous and personalized customer service, understanding their needs through fluent communication.
Comply with the requirements of customers, ISO 9001: 2017 and ISO 13485: 2018, current legislation and other interested parties.
Continuously improve our services, making a constant effort to update knowledge in new areas that allow us to be at the forefront of our sector, thus advancing to the new demands and / or needs of our customers.
Instruct, motivate and involve all personnel in the management and development of the Quality Management System, promoting continuous training to ensure a high degree of qualification of our employees.
Use as much as possible of new technologies and equipment.
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