Clean linen cart

Medical linen cart for nursing homes or hospitals. It facilitates daily tasks and routines of cleaning and transporting laundry for medical professionals.

Mixed laundry cart has the following characteristics:

  • Easy to handle by one person.
  • With improvements in its technology so the dirt does not accumulate.
  • Shutter door with side opening
  • Lockable (option to choose a digital lock).

Adaptable to other accessories.

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Linen carts with wheels are an ideal element for laundry tasks. These hamper stands are designed for storing and transporting linens and textiles.

They are designed to help move certain items from place to place in a hassle-free way.

Made with high quality materials:

  • ABS / PC worktop
  • Phenolic walls and base.
  • ABS interior guides.
  • Anodized aluminum profiles .
  • Epoxi painted steel base.
  • Bumpers.

PVC shutter with side opening
Key lock (option of digital lock)

Resistant to all chemicals used in hospital settings.

4 Wheels Ø 125mm 2 with locking

Compatible with extra accessories to customize the medical linen cart to suit the needs of the greatest number of people.

Measurements: Width: 1116 mm Depth: 527 mm Height: 1410 mm

Dimensios of linen cart

The priority of the packaging process is the absolute protection of our hospital and nursing home carts. Our team protects your investment.

Medical convimed cart during its packaging process on a wooden pallet

Possibility of transport coordination.


Accessories included

Clean linen cart includes the following accessorise.

 Two aluminum keys linked by a key ring, one of them inserted in a conventional lock

Key lock

Compatible with extra accessories

We offer the following accessories

Gray plastic bin with support that attaches it to the side of the linen cart

Waste container

White metal structure with 3 glove boxes inside

Triple glove holder

 Soap bottle attached with black strap to metal bracket on the top side of cleaning cart

Soap holder

Lock options

Possibility of adding another lock.

Gray electronic lock with buttons on the front

Digital lock