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If you are looking for a Treatment Cart, for hospitals or geriatric centers, you must investigate carefully to choose the best option. Because this will be your coworker and will be with you at all times to give you comfort and security. Below we explain how this wonderful unit works.

When it comes to the health of a person, we must be fully prepared with all the tools and supplies necessary to cure patients. We know that everyone has a different need and time is of the essence. We have asked ourselves what would happen if the patient has an emergency and you do not have the necessary instruments and materials with you? What if you have to rush through the corridors with a sharp object? It can be dangerous, don’t you think? It is better to avoid any inconvenience and be prepared not to neglect emergencies.

For this reason, we recommend that each nurse have his or her own perfectly equipped Treatment Cart, so that they can go with it with everything at their disposal.

What is the Treatment Cart and what is it for?

The Medical Treatment Trolley is a mobile element in which you can store in an orderly manner, all the materials and instruments for health useto attend to any situation of healing of patients, moving away from serious emergency cases such as cardiac arrest,, for which there is already another type of cart, which is what we call a crash cart or emergency cart.

It is a perfect equipment to facilitate the nursing work and give them comfort. With it, you can move around all the patient rooms in hospitals and geriatric centers with everything at your disposal.

We have received comments from nurses, nursing homes and assistants, where they tell us that our medical carts have helped to optimize their work and that fills us with positive energy.

Treatment Cart Parts

If you are reading this post, it is because you are surely looking to have a suitable Medical Treatment Cart, and before any purchase, you should evaluate the different options,materials and accessories without forgetting the quality. With La Pastilla medical trolleys you don’t have to worry,because we make sure tomaintain quality in each unit we manufacture.

Our Novimed trolleys are manufactured with the following characteristics:

ABS drawers:

  • Large storage capacity
  • 110% total extraction of Novimed drawers
  • “Soft-close” System
  • Interchangeable front label holder to place the name of the patients and write indications of the contents.
  • Three different sizes for your configuration: 7.5 cm the smallest, 15.5 cm the medium and 23.5 cm the largest. If you want to know more, you can contact us.


      • Four Ø 12.5cm swivel wheels, 2 of them with brakes.
      • Anti-thread wheels with bumpers Also if you need it, there is the option of placing directional, antistatic or special wheels.


    • Anodized aluminum profiles for mounting accessories
    • Phenolic base
    • Fibroplast lateral

Advantages to highlight:


One of the advantages of the treatment cart most appreciated by our clients is that they can be customized according to the needs of the professional who uses it.

Our own factory allows us to offer a fast production management and a wide range of customizedmedical carts. customized. And highlighting the characteristics of all of them in a single post is complicated, so we have selected some data that can help you select the best Treatment cart according to your need.

According to the drawer configuration:

You can customize the drawers to create models with 4 to 10 drawers. As you want them, we make them.

You have the option to choose in 3 different sizes and 3 different colors: gray, red and blue. Don’t put limits on your creativity.

In addition, you can add the polystyrene dividers to divide the Novimed drawers.

Available in 3 different sizes:

    • Small dividers for the 7.5 cm drawer, medium dividers for the 15.5 cm drawer andlarge dividers for the 23.5 cm drawer


According on the accessory configuration:

We have previously mentioned that our carts are compatible withdifferent accessories,which is wonderful. We have a wide variety of them so you can add yours according to professional requirements.


These accessories are some of them:

    • Articulated device holder
    • Container for sharp objects
    • Utility basket for novimed carts
    • Glove holder / triple
    • Wire and plastic bin

And for greater security and peace of mind, add a universal or electronic lock to avoid any manipulation of the supplies.

What car will you choose?

The list of configurations and accessories that we have recommended in this post is not complete as we offer several possibilities and combinations. We have only highlighted a few so that you can begin to analyze and decide the model with the characteristics that best suit your needs.

On our website La Pastilla you will find a large number of treatment carts to choose from. f you want us to advise you to know more information about this cart, do not hesitate to contact us.. We have a professional team that is ready to help you find the best option.



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