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“20 years of experience manufacturing with confidence, dedication and enthusiasm”


Some people say there is no second chance when it comes to creating a first impression, so let´s not pass up this opportunity to introduce ourselves and get to know each other.

Let us tell you how this great adventure started. But first, we are going to ask you something important.

Surely you know someone or even have a close relative who must take several medications ever day of their life right?

Among all your daily activities, can you imagine being alone and having to remember the doses of more than 5 different medications, each one at a specific time and day of the week, without making mistakes?


Lets go now to the public and private health sector. Can you imagine being in charge of more than 200 patients a day to whom you must distribute their medicines in a fast, organized and error-free way? It’s very easy to be wrong, but you can’t make those mistakes when it comes to people’s health.

From our beginnings, we have had the absolute conviction to look for tools that solve ths need and that facilitate the organization and distribution of medicines in Health institutions. “Hospital admissions, deaths, delays and blockages in the progress of recovery were and are behind this personal challenge,” said Marisa Corujo, our Founder. The one who has always believed in the project throughout our history. And this was what really motivated her to create our first product: The Pillboxes.


Weekly pillboxes, a tool that helped our polymedicated population to take their medications without fear of making mistakes. But with time and team effort, we have been able to grow and advance. And what began 20 years ago as a small pillbox, today we can proudly say that it is a leading company in the manufacture of medical carts for the hospital and geriatric sector.


Medical Carts, more comfortable medication trays for the organization of pills, versatile mechanisms for the distribution and control of the internal distribution of medicines … all this has facilitated and facilitates the work of thousands of people in the health area throughout these last years.

It has been a constant effort to get here, but our innovative spirit, the work of our team and above all the trust that our distributors and customers have placed in us, has allowed LaPastilla to grow internationally, positioning us on three different continents.

Many of our distributors, hospitals, nursing homes, geriatric centers and pharmacies have chosen us because of the confidence they feel in working with us. And as Armando Navas, our COO, says: “we believe in a close relationship based on honesty and trust”.

We care about the investment you make, we know that everything requires an effort and for that reason we give what you need, we share your concern and we will always be working on the continuous improvement of processes.

At LaPastilla, we are glad to know that we have done our “grain of sand” to help improve people’s quality of life and optimize the work of health workers.


“There is still much to do but we are on the right track and full of energy”

Marisa Corujo

Founder of La Pastilla


And beyond innovating and growing as a company, what motivates us the most is when you share your experiences with us.

“These carts make a lot of work easier for us because before them, we had to walk through the corridors with medicines and sharp objects. In this way, each nurse has a cart and can go with it patient by patient with everything at their disposal “

Elena Guerrero –FRIAT Emodialysis Center Supervisor


“We house between 200 residents and by purchasing the cart we have gained comfort and safety. Comfort because we can house all the external and chronic medication taken by each of our patients in the robot boxes; and security, because being a cart with shutter and lock, we can make sure that no medicine has been manipuladet without our supervision “

Francisco CabezasNurse at the Virgen del Pilar Residence

These are comments where we see that health and geriatric workers care about providing first-rate care and, being part of this, motivates us to continue innovating with new quality prototypes that respond to the needs of each one.


We can only say T H A N K S. Thanks to you, who have trusted in our commitment, thanks to our team that is passionate about finding solutions in the health sector. Thank you because you have been the fundamental axis for La Pastilla to be who we are today. Thank you because you have been the fundamental axes for LaPastilla to be who it is today.



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