Anesthesia Cart for hospital use Novimed®


Anesthesia supply cart designed to provide access to medicines and supplies needed for health professionals

Product highlights:

  • Sliding side table as standard
  • Push handle
  • IV pole with 2 hooks
  • Glove holder with DIN bar (1 standard box)
  • Support for consumables canister with
    cinch strap
  • Upper rail for overhead accessories
  • Tipping container with 5 boxes (BOX-5)
  • Waste container with DIN bar
  • Interchangeable label holders for identification
  • All accessories can be adjusted in height and position.

Indicated for use:



Available drawers colors:

Anesthesia equipment designed to provide access to medicines and supplies that health professionals need. Easy to clean. Adaptable to any medical area.

This medical supply cart is made of:

  • Anodized aluminum profiles, designed for mounting of height adjustable accessories on the accessory bar (DIN).
  • Compacmel base
  • Fiberplast sidewalls
  • Work surface with 3 rounded edges in ABS

ABS drawers with telescopic guide system, total extraction (110%) and soft-close system. It includes interchangeable label holders and a large storage capacity of 13 to 42 liters, depending on the size of the drawer. It is lightweight, easy to handle by one person, easy to clean, as the Anesthesia Cart is designed so that dirt does not accumulate with smooth surfaces, both inside and outside and no bottom edges.

Anesthesia workstation has 4 wheels Ø 125mm, 2 with brakes. All casters have plastic bumpers.

Option to incorporate anesthesia cart accessories, configure the size of drawers, lock options and choose between directional, antistatic or special wheels.

The weight of anestesia cart without accessories is 47 Kg and the dimensions are:

Regarding the packaging process, LaPastilla’s main objective is to protect hospital carts and make sure they arrive to customer in perfect condition. Our packaging guarantee the integrity of the product

The process is carried out quickly, safely and manually. Depending on the number of carts to be packed, we use 2 types of pallets:

  • European packaging: pallet 1200 x 800 mm

Packaging process of Novimed drawer cart on a pallet

  • American packaging: pallet 1200 x 1000 mm

2 Novimed drawer carts on a pallet during their packaging process

Coordination with transportation.


Accesorios en el Carro de Anestesia

All accessories can be adjusted in height and position., thanks to its installation on the DIN bar in aluminum profiles. No additional tools are required.

Ergonomic pusher for easy handling

Push handle

Five-drawer tipping container with a white label on each drawer

Tilting container BOX-5

Side rail without accessories attached to the side of a cart

Side rail

Tube with support on the side of a hospital cart to hold overhead accessories

Support for superior accessories

IV pole with 4 hooks

IV pole with 2 hooks

Metal bar to carry accessories on top of hospital carts

Upper rail for overhead accesories

Canister for consumables

Consumables canister holder

Plastic bin with metal support for medical carts

Waste container

Capacity of 19 Litres

White metal glove holder attached to side rail

Glove holder

Customize your Tilting Bins

Organize your medical supplies with our Tilt Bin storage system. Customize your tilt bins and suit the needs of sanitary workers

Its modular design allows you to mix and match sizes

  • Customize the number of containers: 3, 4, 5, 6 or 9
  • Stack and connect tilt bins together and form a custom modular system: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 levels
tilt bin storage cart with 5 and 5 boxes


600 x 200 x 240 mm

tilt bin storage cart with 4 boxes stuck in 3 levels


600 x 170 x 206 mm

tilt bin storage cart with 4 boxes


600 x 133 x 164 mm

tilt bin storage cart with 9 boxes stuck in 2 levels


600 x 92 x 114 mm


600 x 63 x 84 mm

Customized drawer configuration

The Novimed® range is highly configurable in ISO drawers (600×400 mm) and accessories, according to the needs of use, for the convenience of healthcare personnel.Depending on the 3 sizes of the drawers, we have different models of Treatment Carts.

If no model resembles the desired configuration, please ask for information. Our team will be pleased to advise you.


Blue cart with 5 medium drawers with white front label, has 4 swivel wheels and a pusher on the side

5-drawer model

5 x 155 mm

Gray trolley with 2 small drawers and 4 medium drawers, all with white front label. It has 4 wheels and a pusher

6-drawer model

1 x 75 mm | 2 x 155 mm | 1 x 235 mm

Red drawer trolley with white front labels, 3 small, 2 medium and 1 large drawers

3-drawer model

2 x 155 mm | 1 x 235 mm

Compartments for drawers

We have 2 systems to compartmentalize the interior of the drawers: dividing trays and dividers.

Each system is fully configurable and customizable according to the size of the drawer and the needs of use within hospital and geriatric centers.


Divider trays

Maximum capacity: 5 trays per drawer


Maximum capacity: 24 compartments per drawer

Compatible with extra accessories

Our anesthesia carts are compatible with other accessories

IV pole with 4 hooks

IV pole with 4 hooks

White metal glove holder hooked to a side rail

Triple glove holder

White metal basket hooked to a side rail

Universal Basket

Metal cylinder holder

Cylinder support

Metal cylinder holder

Upper tray

Security system options

Add one of these locks to your anesthesia cart for greater safety

Gray electronic lock with black buttons with numbers

Digital lock

Two aluminum keys linked by a key ring, one of them inserted in a key lock

Key lock